Walter L. Lowe, PhD

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Applied Psychology

Views on Social Justice Issues

I tend to view social justice issues, multicultural issues and feminist issues through the same lens. They are all founded in a sense of fairness, balance and connectedness with all our brothers and sisters on this planet. They all require the willingness and courage to sometimes be a voice in the wilderness. I come by this attitude naturally from having experienced discrimination; from having been an avid follower of Dr. King’s non-violent movement; from long ago having a developed a sensitivity to what Michael White would call subjugated stories and the ways (sometimes subtle, sometimes horrendously blatant) white male power and privilege have affected my life and the lives of millions of other people who are neither white, nor male, nor heterosexual. As a racial minority in a field (MFT) historically and currently dominated by middle-class whites I hope, even if in a small way, to push our field toward greater inclusiveness and a sense of ethical obligation to address and correct the social inequalities we see around us in America today.