Walter L. Lowe, PhD

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Applied Psychology

Research Interests

I probably have more areas of research interest than I’ll ever be able to explore in my lifetime, but two particular areas have always been at the top of my to do list. One is to investigate the problems men and their families face when the man returns home after a long absence, either as the result of military service or incarceration. My hope is to generate funding to conduct studies in this area that will, ideally, lead to development of a model of reunification therapy (for men and eventually for women) that can be adapted to various ethnic and economic populations. The second area of interest is the development of a model of Common Factors supervision. This is different than most prevailing supervision procedures, which train supervisees strictly in accordance with the style of therapy the supervisee is doing. The Common Factors approach to supervision is not model-based, but rather based on certain basic principles that inform all successful therapies, regardless of the model practiced.