Susan J. Gentile, MS

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Courses Taught

Department of Environmental Studies

Conceptual and Human Development
Curriculum Design: Non-Formal
EE Methods: Developing Sense of Place
EE Methods: Principles of Educating for Sustainability
EE Methods: Teaching Teachers Skills in EE
EE Methods: Using Writing to Learn
EE Methods: Community and School-Based Food Systems
EE Methods: Urban Environmental Education
Foundations of Science and Environmental Education
Problem-Solving and Inquiry-Based Science Teaching
Leadership for Change
Program Planning and Design

Educating for Sustainability M.Ed. Program in the Department of Education

Curriculum Design for Educating for Sustainability (online)
Data Collection and Analysis (online)
Green Schools: Models of Sustainable School Practice
Integrating the Three E’s (online)
History and Practice of Educating for Sustainability

Department of Management

Earth Systems in Organizations