Susan J. Gentile (MS)

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Current Activities

In addition to teaching courses in both the Environmental Education and Science Teacher Certification Programs in the Department of Environmental Studies and in the Educating for Sustainability M.Ed. Program in the Department of Education, I consult with schools as they work to incorporate educating for sustainability into their curricula and institutional practices. As a member of the Steering Committee of the K-12 and Teacher Education Sector of the United States Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development, I collaborate with professionals across the country to bring educating for sustainability to K-12 education in the U.S. ( I also serve on the Board of Directors of Ecology Education, Inc. (, and I work with other educators in the New Hampshire, on the Department of Education's GeoScience Committee, to develop integrated curricula to meet state standards for both earth science and geography. I am also a member of board of Antioch's journal Whole Terrain, and I serve as managing editor (