Steven D. Chase (PhD)

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Publications and Research



Chase is currently researching and writing a book on The Politics of Relocalization: Assessing the Analysis, Vision, and Strategy of the International Transition Movement. In 2006, he completed his curriculum action research doctoral dissertation on Activist Training in the Academy: Developing A Master’s Program In Environmental Advocacy and Organizing. He also guest edited the special Orion issue on “Nature and Justice” back in 1996 and edited and wrote the introduction for the book Defending the Earth: A Dialogue Between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman. His essay “Changing the Nature of Environmental Studies: Teaching Environmental Justice to ‘Mainstream’ Students” was published in The Environmental Justice Reader, a University of Arizona Press anthology. Other articles and essays of his have appeared in Friends Journal; Orion; Terra Nova; The Trumpeter; Whole Terrain; Z Magazine; Race, Poverty, and Environment; Environment, Place, and Ethics; Synthesis; and The Journal of Multicultural Environmental Education.

Research Interests


Conservation, Environmental, and Sustainability Movement Histories and Philosophies
Transition Initiatives, Peak Oil, and Energy Descent
Solidarity Economics and Green Jobs
Corporate Power, Globalization, and Democracy
Environmental Justice
Social Movement History, Theory, and Practice
Faith-Based Activism and Eco- and Liberation Theology
Popular Education, Activist Training, and Service Learning
Nonviolent Resistance and Direct Action Organizing
Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence
Collaborative Leadership and Courageous Followership
Nonprofit Management and Administration
Action Research and Critical Social Theory