Ronald L. LaBrusciano, MS

Faculty Emeritus
Department of Education

Courses Taught

Courses Taught

EDC 610
Women, Quilts, and American Society
Throughout the nineteenth century, discouraged from writing, women made needles their pens and quilts their texts, helping to create for themselves a new, more public role in the century’s great movements and events — industrialization, abolition, the Civil War, temperance, and suffrage.

Through readings, films, hands-on activities and other resource venues, we will explore the role of quilting in women’s lives from then until now. The purpose of this course is to explore the topic ourselves and to consider the teaching and learning possibilities with elementary age children. There will be planned experiences as well as experiences growing from research and interest; a group quilt will be created. Avid quilters as well as those with no needlecraft experience but with an interest in both the topic and in inter-disciplinary curriculum development are welcome.

EDC 550
Integrated Arts I
The arts are an integral part of education. They are a vital part of the learning and growth process. Through the visual arts, one is able to see, think and speak in response to his or her environment in a creative manner. This class will offer opportunities to explore a wide range of art materials, processes and techniques in painting, print making, sculpture and mask making, and how these art lessons fit into classroom themes.

EDC 551A
Integrated Learning: Theory into Practice
This course will provide students with opportunities to acquire an historical perspective of the integrated day classroom. Students will learn to appreciate the value of an integrated approach to learning and gain experience in determining children’s characteristics, levels of development and needs through observation. Students will see the learning of creative, social and process skills as important components of the curriculum and learn how to plan and implement an interdisciplinary thematic study, which can satisfy the demands of the curriculum, as well as build on children’s experiences and meet the needs and interest of a variety of learners. They will explore issues and learn techniques of management, grouping, documentation, record keeping, display, evaluation, etc., and understand the implications of establishing a democratic classroom and a community for learning and sharing.

ED 697
Professional Practice Seminar
Students will be assigned to a section by the department faculty. All entering students and all students in an internship are required to participate in the Professional Seminar. This seminar covers issues arising from working in schools and professional settings, providing a support group for the trials and tribulations of the beginning teacher. Topics covered include discipline, classroom management, designing classroom space, parent-teacher relationships, the politics of public schooling, uses of educational media, and a variety of other issues.

EDC 550A
Integrated Arts II: Circus Dreams
Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Probably!and most kids would love to do that, too. Here’s your chance. In this course, we’ll explore the theme of Circus as a fun vehicle that can bring together diverse areas of study and one that we can encourage children’s self-expression and self-confidence. We’ll push back the desks and delve into circus skills, puppetry (from giant to tiny), clowning, movement, storytelling, painting, prop construction, etc. as we create a circus performance and consider ways of integrating a variety of arts and crafts with a variety of curriculum disciplines. A flea circus, too? No fleas please!well maybe!!!