Peter R. Eppig (MEd)

Faculty Emeritus
Department of Education

AUNE Contact Information


Highest Degree

MEd, University of New Hampshire, Durham

Other Degrees & Credentials

BS, New York Institute of Technology

Areas of Expertise

problem-based learning, critical skills, collaborative learning, experiential learning, authentic assessment, and alternative models of civics education


My work with public schools over the past twelve years has been focused in the areas of (1) innovative teaching practices, specifically in the areas of problem-based learning; (2) curriculum development as defined in the areas of integrated learning and multi–disciplinary curricula; (3) alternative assessment models, including holistic grading and reporting schemes; and (4) the evolving roles of teachers as reflective practitioners, action researchers, student and peer coaches, curriculum builders, collaborative problem solvers and decision makers, and school leaders contributing to policy making and school governance.

Our students are the greatest strength of all our education programs. Their idealism, diverse backgrounds and experience, work ethic, and deep commitment to change and social justice all have a profound impact on the teaching and learning, on the culture of our department, and on the schools in which they work.

Most recently, this work has advanced into formal and informal partnerships with schools in New Hampshire and Maine and some long-term collaborative projects with state departments and school consortia.