Pauline Sara Chandler (MEd)

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Management


Online Publications:
Learning How to Make the Case for Sustainability, Triple Pundit
The Power of Story Telling, Triple Pundit

Magazine Articles:
“Massachusetts Mini Fellow”, Science Scope
“The Gender Equity Challenge”, Learning Magazine
“Take the Equity Challenge”, New Moon
“Write Your Own Simulation”, Science Scope
“Great City Hall Race”, Science Scope
“Architecture and Geology”, Science Scope

Curriculum Guides:
Ecology published by Teacher Created Materials
Environmental Issues published by Teacher Created Materials
Coastal Connections published by Dept. Natural Resources
Classroom to Coast published by Coastal Zone Management

Social Issues and Community Service at the Middle School Level Collaborative project, authored one chapter on Disabilities.
Edited by Samuel Totten and Jon Pederson
Published by Allyn and Bacon, 1997