Paul Michael Bocko, MS

Project Director, Horatio Colony Project
Office of Academic Affairs

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Education


Notes from the Field – Rachel Marshall Outdoor Learning Laboratory, Julia Feder, Sam Samuels, Paul Bocko, Michael Duffin, Robert Bo Hoppin, David Sobel, Center for Environmental Education (CEE) Publication, Spring 2002.

Pondering Vernal Pools, Connect, Teachers’ Innovations in K-8 Science and Math, Paul Bocko and Susie Denehy, January/February 1998, Vol. 11 No. 3.

Rachel Marshall Outdoor Learning Laboratory Teacher Resource Book, Antioch New England Institute, Paul Bocko and Rebecca Saba, eds., 2nd Edition, 2000. First edition compiled by Paul Bocko, Robert Bo Hoppin, and Kristie Smith. Edited and designed by Sherman Morrison.

Tracing Places of the Monadnock Region and Tracing Faces of the Monadnock Region, Keene Sentinel, high school students’ place-based articles published in local newspaper, Paul Bocko (Project Coordinator), January to May 2001 and February to May 2002 respectively.