Michael H. Simpson (MS, MA)

Department of Environmental Studies

Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience

Research Grants


NOAA, Washington, D.C., Assessing the Risk of 100-year Floods in the Lamprey River Watershed Resulting from Changes in Climate and Land Use, with UNH Earth, Oceans and Space Institute Center, Durham, NH, $281,500

NOAA, Washington, D.C., Design and Implementation of a Stakeholder-Engaged Decision-Support Program for Adapting Civil Water Infrastructures for Climate and Land-Use Change, $224,000

NOAA, Washington D.C., Long term Climate Information and Forecasts Supporting Stakeholder-Driven Adaptation decisions for Urban Water Resources, $ 406,292


NOAA, Washington, D.C., Forging the Link Between Research-Based Institutions, Watershed Assistance Groups, and Municipal Land Use Decisions, with UNH Stormwater Center, Durham, NH, $268,427

USEPA, Washington, D.C., Assessment of Culvert Infrastructure Impact from Landuse Decisions and Projected Climate Change, Oyster River , with the NH Estuaries Project, Durham, NH, $60,000

USEPA, Region 1, Boston, MA, Solid Waste Curriculum Utilizing Critical Thinking Skills, with the New Hampshire Resource Recovery Association, Concord, NH , $90,000

Collaborative Working Group, St. Gallen, Switzerland, Privatized Waste Service Capacity Building in Post-Conflict Liberia, with DUCOR, Monrovia, Liberia, $60,000

American Forest and Paper Association, Degradability Research of Coated Paper Products Through In-Vessel Composting, with DSM Environmental Services, Ascutney, VT $15,000

MA Department of Environmental Protection, Hospital Waste Minimization Practices White Paper, with TERRA, LLC, Newburyport, MA, $10,000

Archers Daniels Midland, Degradability Research of Corn-Starch Plastic Bags, with E & A Environmental Services, Stoughton, MA $ 10,000

National Corn Growers Association, Leaf and Yard Waste Composting Manual, with Peter Engel, Wilton, NH, $7,500