Michael H. Simpson, MS, MA

Program Director, M.S. Resource Management and Conservation, Concentration Director of Sustainable Development and Climate Change, and Core Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Director for the Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience

AUNE Contact Information


Highest Degree

MS, Antioch University New England

Other Degrees & Credentials

MA, Liberal Studies: Science Emphasis. Dartmouth College
BA, Biology and Philosophy. Denison University

Areas of Expertise

climate change, watershed management, wetlands ecology, energy and materials sustainability


I do believe that an effective resource manager needs to combine theory, skills and reflection to achieve any sustainable solution for the environmental problems that they must face.

A necessary component of my teaching is to show by example. To be an effective teacher, I must be an effective practitioner. I then can use my ongoing working experience to temper and ground the theory.

Such a dose of reality in my courses spans the spectrum from identifying and framing an environmental problem to developing a viable solution. Not only does such a solution need to be technically feasible, but it also must be environmentally sound, economically wise, and politically acceptable.

Teaching/Research Domains:

Even in my administrative role as Chair, I continue to teach course in wetlands ecology, environmental assessment techniques and energy & materials management within the RMC and ESMS degree programs. I also teach the department-wide course in Climate Change: Resilience, Adaptation & Mitigation, as well as the department’s foundation course Political Economy & Sustainability.