Lorraine Mangione, PhD

Professor and Director of Practica
Department of Clinical Psychology

Professional Publications

Campbell, Clark D.; Emmons, Luli; Mangione, Lorraine; Grus, Catherine L.; Berry, Sharon; Dailey, Kathlyn C.; Hutchings, Philinda Smith; Nutt, Roberta L.; Siegel, Wayne G. (2015). Using the Psychology Internship Development Toolkit to increase the number of internship positions. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 9(3), 195-201.

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Hodges, K., Fauth, J., Greene, L., & Mangione, L.  (2012). Processes and outcomes in prevention-focused time-limited groups for girls.  International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. 62(3).

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Mangione, L., & Dicello, D.  (2011).  Italians tend to keep their dead near them.  Paper accepted for publication in Studies in Italian Americana.  NY: Calandra Institute.

Mangione, L., Mears, G., Vincent, W., & Hawes, S. (2011). The supervisory relationship when women supervise women: An exploratory study of power, reflexivity, collaboration, and authenticity. The Clinical Supervisor, 30(2), 141-171.

Mangione, L.  (2011).  Lost! Can we find our way back home on Magic? In D. Izzo, (Ed.), Bruce Springsteen and the American Soul: Essays on the songs and influence of a cultural icon.  Jefferson, NC:  McFarland and Company Incorporated, Publishers.

Mangione, L., & Nadkarni, L.  (2009).  Relationship competency:  Broadening and deepening.  In M. B. Kenkel and R. L. Peterson (Eds.), Competency-Based Education for Professional Psychology.  Washington, DC:  American Psychological Association Press.

Mangione, L.  (2008).  Springsteen and psychology:  What’s the connection?  The Group Psychologist

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Mangione, L., & Keady, S. (2007). “Spirit in the Night” to “Mary’s Place”: loss, death, and the transformative power of relationships, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 1(4), 179-190.
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Short Term Group Therapy: Notes from a Workshop. For the October, 1996 Newsletter of Division 49 (Group) of the American Psychological Association.

Reclaiming Our Heritage column, Beatrice Wright, for the Summer 1996 Newsletter of Division 35 (Women) of the American Psychological Association.

Book Review on Coming Into Our Fullness: On Women Turning 40 by Catherine Rountree for the Association for Women in Psychology Newsletter, December 1993.

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Feminist Epistemology and the Representative Case Method Paper accepted for publication in the preceedings to be published by American Psychological Association. National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology Annual Conference, Above the Glass Ceiling: Raising the Roof, Tucson, Arizona, January 1991.