Kevin P. Lyness, PhD

Professor and Director of PhD Program in MFT
Department of Applied Psychology

Courses Taught

Antioch NE Courses
PYB527 – Human Development across the Lifespan
PY576 – Postmodern Family Therapy
PY576 – Survey of Family Theory (Fall 2004)
PY678 – Substance Abuse and Family Violence
PY674A – Research Methods
PY608 – Ethics in Family Therapy
PY648A – Couple Therapy from a Systemic Perspective

Doctoral Courses
MFTR711 – Quantitative Methods in MFT Research
MFTR705 – Statistical Methods in MFT
MFT711 – Appraisal and Assessment in MFT

Past courses (Colorado State University):
Family Studies
Marriage and Family Relationships
Adolescent Development
Adolescents and Families
Marriage and Family Therapy Techniques
Applications of Marriage and Family Therapy