Katherine M. Clarke (PhD)

Department of Applied Psychology

Recent Presentations

2004 Qualitative explorations of the context;specific nature of therapy: client and therapist factors. Symposium (discussant) at Society for Psychotherapy North American Regional Conference, Springdale, UT.

2004 Depersonalization and objectification: The case of persons with disabilities. Symposium: Humanistic Psychology and Depersonalizing Forces in the Surrounding Culture. APA Annual Convention, Honolulu, HI.

2003 Meaning-making in Organizations. Paper presented at the Symposium: Emotion and the Creation of Meaning. APA Annual Convention, Toronto, ON.

2002 Human Potential and Human Limits. Commencement speech for Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco, CA.

2002 Talking About What Matters. Keynote address for the Provincial Assembly of the Jesuits, Oregon Province.

2001 Last Things First. Keynote address at the conference, Beyond the Clichés of Leadership. Center for Organizational Reform; Gonzaga University.

1999 Something New is Born Today. Class Speech for M.B.A. Graduation; Simmons Graduate School of Management, Boston, MA.

1998 Women’s Health and Liberating Changes in Contemporary Society. Conference: Weaving Visions: Feminism and Christian Tradition, Ottawa, ON.

1997 Professional Ethics for Ministry. Workshops for lay and ordained ministers of the Anglican, Catholic, and Presbyterian churches of four dioceses in New Zealand