Judith G. Coven (MS, CAS)

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Education

Courses Taught

EDC 553A
Math Methods: Primary Focus
Young children develop their own informal mathematics
knowledge before entering school. In this course students will learn how teachers can continue to allow them to build on their experiences, both practical and teacher-constructed, to extend their mathematical understandings and skills. Using concrete materials and hands on experiences, students will become actively involved with problems from a range of mathematical strands (number sense, geometry, measurement, pattern, probability) to illustrate how children can explore mathematics, including arithmetic, through problem solving and inquiry. Classroom management and methods of assessing children’s understanding will also be addressed.

EDC 618
From Sheep to Shawl
The process of turning wool into cloth is an important aspect of life in many cultures around the world in the present day as well as throughout history. This process can become the focus of rich studies for elementary children. While participants explore the possibilities for integrated curriculum, they will experience for themselves all of the steps from sheep to shawl, including carding, spinning, making and using natural dyes, and weaving. Required materials fee of $30.00 payable to the Education Department prior to the first day of class.

ED 697
Professional Practice Seminar
All entering students and all students in an internship are required to participate in the Professional Seminar. This seminar covers issues arising from working in schools and professional settings, providing a support group for the trials and tribulations of the beginning teacher. Topics covered include discipline, classroom management, designing classroom space, parent-teacher relationships, the politics of public schooling, uses of educational media, and a variety of other issues.