Johanna Van Riel, MS

Teaching Faculty
Department of Education

AUNE Contact Information


Highest Degree

MS, Worcester State College

Other Degrees & Credentials

Professional Speech Language Pathologist License for the State of VT with Educational Endorsement
Experienced Educator Certificate State of New Hampshire
Logopaedist Cert., Foundation for Logopaedic Training, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Cert. of Proficiency Fully Qualified Teacher, Pedagogical Seminary, Den Helder, The Netherlands

Areas of Expertise

Waldorf curriculum, special needs, remedial methods.


Masters degrees in Education and Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. Teacher, special educator, and consultant in public, Waldorf and other independent schools for four decades. Joined the Education Department at Antioch University in 2000 as Adjunct Faculty and since 2008 as Associate Faculty.

Children are our most precious and magnificent gifts. If we can learn to listen (and speak!) to our children in their language of love, color, music, rhythm, imagination, and movement, we may find a way to rekindle heart warmth in our increasingly rational, calculating, and competitive way of life.
Students of education at Antioch University New England show commitment to personal growth and transformation. Their sincere striving is filled with hope to enable the generation of the future to form true collaborative and caring communities ruled by the reason of the mind and of the heart. It is my joy to support that striving.