Jeffrey Rosen, MS

Adjunct Faculty
Department of Management

AUNE Contact Information


Highest Degree

MS, University of Maine

Other Degrees & Credentials

Graduate Certificate in Community Organization and Management, Tufts


I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as an adjunct faculty member in the MBA  in Sustainability program where I teach Ecological Economics for Social Entrepreneurs. I have a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and a Masters of Science in Resource Utilization from the University of Maine. As a resource economist, working in the mid 90’s, I focused on viable methodologies for analyzing project impacts, according to rigorous sustainability requirements.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur, owning several start-up small businesses, and serving as the financial officer for several food sector companies on their own growth trajectories. I’ve also served as the senior financial manager for several non-profits, including my current role at a progressive grantmaker, The Solidago Foundation. In this role, I head up the foundation’s social purpose investments, and I get to work with many others, working to carve out the new social capital marketplace.

At Antioch, I urge the students to think small. I’ve designed the course content to help the group to think in numbers, to understand what it takes to convert big thought into daily business or community practice. Given my background, I feel strongly that the next challenge for the sustainability movement lies in developing practitioners who can implement its broadest objectives in the smallest components. Using this curriculum we work to recognize that even patient capital investors require a return. I work to help the cohort identify the common and sustainability oriented skills they will need to run profitable businesses, or serve a community that calculates both social and financial returns.

Students often ask very challenging questions, trying to understand why the flow of capital into social purpose ventures is still so slow, given the obvious need and the seeming interest. When they ask those questions, I rarely have the answers. That is how I know we are on the right track. That is how I know that we are learning right at the leading edge of contemporary thinking.