Jimmy W. Karlan, EdD

Core Faculty, Director of the Science Teacher Certification Concentration
Department of Environmental Studies

My Place of Reflection

On a typical Tuesday or Wednesday between the Spring and Fall, I sit alongside one of the earth’s wet, roaring arteries, winding its way in and around the swaying meadows and rolling deciduous forests; I am enamored by its ability to nourish. There, on the Green River in southern Vermont, my laptop and myself rest ourselves on the backs of a cedar tree. My computer is connected to a solar panel that greets the sun all day long as I and the river turn beneath it. This is where I do my best reflective work: create and revise my courses; translate my “dissertation for insomniacs” into an engaging article about children’s ecological concepts and theories; design innovative outdoor adventure ecology education games like Wild Treasures; create experiential workshops like an “Inquiry into Inquiry” for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); read my students’ papers, imagine ways to improve the Teacher Certification Program, and compose research like the Case Study of National Geographic’s Kids Network: Constraints and Opportunities

During my “breaks” from work, minnows tickle my soul as they pull an overly persistent black fly from between my fingers. During lunch time, I can often be found laying in the water, face submerged. In the hayfield just above the river’s edge, I jog, play badminton and volleyball, and get silly with my two children and wife.