Jimmy W. Karlan, EdD

Core Faculty, Director of the Science Teacher Certification Concentration
Department of Environmental Studies

AUNE Contact Information


Highest Degree

EdD, Harvard University

Other Degrees & Credentials

MST, K-12 Biology Teacher Certification, Antioch University New England
BS, Environmental Conservation, University of New Hampshire

Areas of Expertise

biology, general, and environmental science education, real problem solving science


I was once very fortunate to have had my closest friend write a recommendation for me in the form of a poem. He captures how I hope my graduate students and I can experience each other.

A Short Walk with Jimmy

It happens on a short walk the first time you meet Jimmy.
It happens over years of friendship:
You come away, first of all,
grinning from the laughter,
lightened by his infectious sense of humor;
having been engaged with a vibrant mind
that can swiftly discover the salient point,
that can turn gently, and reflect on itself;
having been held and heard with an easy warmth,
yet challenged to venture from the comfort of old notions.

You come away, best of all,
having had your own funny lines,
your own sense of wonder,
and somehow caring more about what you care about.

Timothy Hayes

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There you’ll find out why I was incarcerated and how that experience reflects my pedagogy. You’ll learn about my time as a middle school science teacher. You can get a sneak preview of my doctoral research into children’s ecological concepts and theories. Check out a sampling of a calendar I made about the courtship and mating behavior of New England wildlife. See my course descriptions.

“Science education in the 21st century must focus on solving real social and environmental problems. If our curriculum isn’t committed to teaching students how to solve real problems, then why do it?” Jimmy Karlan