James W. Jordan, PhD

Core Faculty, Director of Field Studies Program
Department of Environmental Studies

Representative Publications

Jordan, J.W., and A. Krumhardt, 2003. Climate and Vegetation History of the western Alaska Peninsula. Alaska Journal of Anthropology 2 (1).

Jordan, J.W. 2001. Late Quaternary sea-level change in southern Beringia: postglacial emergence of the western Alaska Peninsula. Quaternary Science Reviews 20 (1-3):509-523

Jordan, J.W., and H.D.G. Maschner, 2000. Coastal paleogeography and human occupation of the western Alaska Peninsula. Geoarchaeology 15:1-30.

Jordan, J.W., and O.K. Mason, 1999. A 5000 year record of intertidal peat stratigraphy and sea- level change from northwest Alaska. Quaternary International 60:37-47

Jordan, J.W., 1989. Rhythmic berm ridge deposition on the coastal barriers of northern Seward Peninsula, Alaska. In: Coastal Sediment Mobility; Proceedings of the Eighth Symposium on Coastal Sedimentology, W.F. Tanner ed., Department of Geology, Florida State University, Tallahassee. pp.137-150.

Jordan, J.W., 1988. Post – Thule adaptations in Northwest Alaska: continuity and change during the late prehistoric period around Kotzebue Sound. Journal of Northern Siences, Vol. 2.University of Alaska Museum, Fairbanks.

Jordan, J.W., 1987. Erosion characteristics and retreat rates along the north coast of Seward Peninsula. Chapter 7, In: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve: an Archeological Survey, J. Schaaf ed., National Park Service,Alaska Region, Anchorage.

Mason, O.K., J.W. Jordan, and L. Plug, 1995. Late Holocene storm and sea level history in the southern Chukchi Sea. In: C.W. Finkle ed., Holocene Cycles: Climate, Sea Level, and Sedimentation. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 17.

Mason, O.K. and J.W. Jordan, 1993. Heightened storminess and synchronous truncation of northwest Alaska beach ridges. Quaternary Research, 40:55-69.