James S. Gruber, PE, PhD, MS, MPA

Core Faculty and Director of the Environmental Studies PhD Program
Department of Environmental Studies

Selected International Presentations

Selected International Presentations Relating to the Role of Social Capital and Community Collaboration in Supporting Sustainable Development

Utrecht, The Netherlands, Perspectives of Effective and Sustainable Community Based Natural Resource Management: An Application of Q Methodology, Taking Up the Global Challenge, 15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, July 2009

Oaxaca, Mexico, The Role of Social Capital in Enhancing Community Development: Examples from New Hampshire and Vermont, November, 2008

Zagreb, Croatia, Identification of Characteristics of Effective and Sustainable Community Based Natural Resource Management Initiatives Using Q-Sort Methodology, R. Boskovic Institute, July, 2008

Cheltenham, England, Key Principles of Community-Based Natural Resource Management, Governing Shared Resources: Connecting Local Experiences to Global Challenges, Conference by the International Association for the Study of the Commons, July, 2008.

Vilnius, Lithuania, Establishing a Community Foundation for the Benefit of a Community, Baltic American Partnership Program, May, 2002

Tokyo, Japan, Building Sustainable Communities Through New Partnerships of Central and Local Governments: Lessons Learned from Eastern Europe and New England: International Conference on Sustainable Development, Environmental Conditions, and Public Management, National Academy of Public Administration (US) and National Institute for Research Advance (Japan), 2000

Ohrid, Macedonia, Bulgaria Solid Waste Policy Demonstration Project: A model of broad-based empowerment for environmental change, Macedonia and Albania Working Session on solid waste management within the watershed of Lake Ohrid, 1997.

Sofia, Bulgaria, Lessons Learned- Bulgarian Policy Demonstration Project, National Solid Waste Policy Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, November, 1996