George C. Tremblay, PhD

Department Chair and Professor, and CROPP Co-Director
Department of Clinical Psychology

Prevention & Wellness Promotion

Selected publications; for a fuller list, please refer to my Vita

Tremblay, G. C. & *Landon, B. (2003). Research in prevention and promotion (adults & children). In M. Roberts & S. Ilardi (Eds.), Methods of research in clinical psychology: A handbook (pp. 354-373). Oxford, U.K.: Blackwell Publishers.

Tremblay, G. C., & Peterson, L. (1999). Prevention of childhood injury: Clinical and public policy issues. Clinical Psychology Review, 19, 415-434.

Tremblay, G. C., & Israel, A. C. (1998). Children’s adjustment to parental death. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 5, 424-438.

DiLillo, D. & Tremblay, G. C. (2001). Maternal and child reports of behavioral compensation in response to safety equipment usage. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 26, 175-184.