Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky, EdD

Professor and Director of the Multicultural Center
Department of Clinical Psychology

Courses Taught

Antioch New England
Dissertation Supervision
PYR 877G Doctoral Research Seminar III
PYR 876G Doctoral Research Seminar II
PYR 875G Doctoral Research Seminar I
PY 870 Tests and Measurements in Psychology
PY 870 MMPI-2
PY 777 Human Diversity and the Clinical Enterprise. This course includes training in outreach services within local communities for immigrants and racial and ethnic minority men, women, and children, as well as service learning within agencies that are striving towards multicultural organizational development. Clinical Supervision of practicum students.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
EP 868 Multicultural Counseling, including training in counseling services to ESL and racial and ethnic minority students in a Lincoln middle school
EP 995 Doctoral Seminar: Multicultural Research
EP 952 Objective Personality Assessment
EP 965A Group Counseling I: Social Psychological Aspects
EP 965B Supervision Group Counseling II: Group Leadership Practicum
EP 987B Use of Tests in Counseling
EP 997A Supervision Masters Counseling Practicum
EP 997G Supervision Doctoral Counseling Practicum
EP 987P Supervision Doctoral Field Placement Counseling
EP 997B Supervision Masters Field Placement Counseling Practicum
EP 899 Masters Thesis Supervision
EP 999 Doctoral Dissertation Supervision
EP 959 Predoctoral Internship
EP 976 Counseling Psychology I
Education 131 A foundations course for all freshman students planning to be teachers