Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky, EdD

Professor and Director of the Multicultural Center
Department of Clinical Psychology

Professional Goals & Research Interests

Dr. Roysircar is currently studying how psychology trainees interface with culturally diverse individuals . She has published numerous journal articles on topics including cultural self-awareness, therapists’ diversity competence, religious differences in counseling, and factors associated with different levels of acculturation in Chinese Canadian adolescents, as well as international students in the US. Some of her recent books include Multicultural Competencies: A Guidebook of Practices (2003, American Counseling Association); and Multicultural Counseling Competencies 2003: Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (2003, American Counseling Association). She recently co-edited the Handbook of Social Justice in Counseling Psychology (2004, Sage).