David Chase, MEd

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Department of Management

Affiliate Faculty
Department of Education

Affiliate Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

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Highest Degree

M.Ed., Organizational Teaching and Learning Environments, Harvard University

Other Degrees & Credentials

B.S., Natural Resource Management and Education, University of Maine
Graduate Certificate: Organizational Development, Nonprofit Leadership - Antioch University New England
Graduate Certificate: Human Resource Management, Leadership and Management, Professional Coaching - University of New Hampshire Graduate School of Professional Development and Training
Registered Organizational Development Professional, International Society for Organizational Development and Change


Sustainably achieving an individual or organizational vision is an extraordinary challenge, requiring just the right mix of engagement, energy, expectation, and expertise in order to be successful over the long term.  It is fully as much about process as it is product.  Interestingly, the very same things can be said about sustainably achieving one’s vision as a graduate student!

When not wearing my Affiliate’s hat, I coach and consult at the local, regional, and national levels, working with individuals, organizations, agencies, and businesses with a focus on the environment, education, human service, social justice, and sustainability. Through my roles of coach, consultant, and teacher, I have the opportunity to support both the individuals and organizations I coach and consult with and the Antioch students I work with to learn, grow, and develop in sustainable ways that empower them to more fully achieve their goals and realize their dreams. It is a fascinating challenge and a unique teaching and learning opportunity!