Beth A. Kaplin, PhD

Core Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Program Director
Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Current Graduate Students

PhD Students

Robin Martino – Matrix, edge effects and ecological processes in Nyungwe National Park

Gabriela Shuster – Feral Pig Resource System Management in the wet tropics of Australia

Kathy Smith – Totems, culture and biodiversity conservation

Joseph Mlotha – Analysis of land use/land cover change impacts upon ecosystem services in montane tropical forest of Rwanda: Forest carbon assessment and mapping

Samuel Werihke – Involving Young People in Decision-making for the Conservation of Endangered Species in Developing Countries

Kimberly Craighead – Puma conservation in the fragmented landscape of northern California
Michele McRae – Golden eagle biology and conservation in Arizona

Apollinaire William – Water, flood risk, and climate change in Africa

Jennifer Maltese – Wildlife Conservation: the role of rehabilitation

MS Students

Amber Kleiman – Chimpanzee conservation in a fragmented forest in Rwanda

Tiffanie Meekens –

Nicole Beaupre – Camel conservation in Mongolia

Rachel Laurie – Changes in social and feeding behavior in a captive group of spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus): before and after transfer to a man-made island.