Beth A. Kaplin, PhD

Core Faculty and Director of Conservation Biology Concentration
Department of Environmental Studies

Program Director
Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Current Graduate Students

PhD Students

Robin Martino – Matrix, edge effects and ecological processes in Nyungwe National Park

Gabriela Shuster – Feral Pig Resource System Management in the wet tropics of Australia

Kathy Smith – Totems, culture and biodiversity conservation

Joseph Mlotha – Analysis of land use/land cover change impacts upon ecosystem services in montane tropical forest of Rwanda: Forest carbon assessment and mapping

Samuel Werihke – Involving Young People in Decision-making for the Conservation of Endangered Species in Developing Countries

Kimberly Craighead – Puma conservation in the fragmented landscape of northern California
Michele McRae – Golden eagle biology and conservation in Arizona

Apollinaire William – Water, flood risk, and climate change in Africa

Jennifer Maltese – Wildlife Conservation: the role of rehabilitation

MS Students

Amber Kleiman – Chimpanzee conservation in a fragmented forest in Rwanda

Tiffanie Meekens –

Nicole Beaupre – Camel conservation in Mongolia

Rachel Laurie – Changes in social and feeding behavior in a captive group of spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus): before and after transfer to a man-made island.