Alesia Maltz, PhD

Core Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Dissertations in Progress

Sasha Adkins, Concentration of Methyl-Mercury in Plastic Marine Debris

Maxine Ewankow, Borlaug, Hernandez Xolocotzi, and the Scientific and Indigenous Critique of the Green Revolution

Peggy Eppig, Russell Lord:  Changing Methods and Minds in American Agriculture

Claudia Ford, Weed Women, All Night Vigils, and the Secret Life of Plants:  Negotiated Epistemologies of Ethno-gynecological Plant Knowledge in American History

Brett McLeod, Neo-Homesteading in the Adirondack-North Country:  Crafting a Durable Landscape

Dyanna Smith, Farmers and Film-making:  Participatory Video Meets Sustainability Narrative

Walter Stead, Lead Foot:  Ford and the Ramapough Nation