Alesia Maltz, PhD

Core Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Dissertations Completed by My Students

Joy Whiteley Ackerman, Walden: A Sacred Geography, 2005.

Dean Button, Toward an Environmental Cosmology: The Power of Vision, Values and Participation in Planning for Sustainable Development, 2002.

Twyla Dell, Flame, Furnace, Fuel: Creating Kansas City in the Nineteenth Century, 2009.

Gini Egan, Restoring the Elwha: Salmon, Dams and People on the Olympic Peninsula. A Case Study of Environmental Decision-Making, 2007.

Dorothy Julia Howell, Where You Can Hear the Sea and See the Sound, 2003.

Marion Knapp,  Aging in Place in Suburbia: A Qualitative Study of Older Women, 2009. (published as a book).

Alan R. Pierce, The Distance from Necessity: A Bourdieusian Analysis of Gathering Practices in Vermont, 2013.

Randi Pokladnik, Roots and Remedies of Ginseng Poaching in Central Appalachia, 2008.

Mercedes Quesada-Embid, Dwelling, Walking, Serving: Organic Preservation Along the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Landscape, 2008.

Diane Rusanowsky, Science Controversy in the Transgenic Salmon Debate:  The Public Policy Ramifications of Argument and Metaphor, 2013.

Carl Salsedo, Gardening: Cultivating an Enduring Relationship with Nature, 2007.

Dorothy Treisner, Social Wellness Amidst Toxic Pollution: The Story of Sydney, Cape Breton, 2006.