Alesia Maltz, PhD

Core Faculty
Department of Environmental Studies

Courses Taught

I routinely teach a course in environmental history, environmental arts, environmental justice and writing seminars. As student interests arise, I teach seminars on water history and policy, food sovereignty, and indigenous knowledge. Here is a list of courses I have taught:

  • Environmental History, graduate and undergraduate
  • Art, Culture, Nature (Environmental Art), graduate
  • Political Economy and Sustainability
  • Global Environmental Change (Hist/Pol climate change) graduate
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Community Action, graduate
  • Environmentalism and Justice, graduate, undergraduate
  • Environmental History and Policy of Water, graduate
  • Environmental History of the Missouri River, graduate, undergraduate
  • Sacred Story, graduate
  • The Circle of Science and Spirituality, graduate and undergraduate
  • Food Systems and Food Sovereignty, graduate
  • Nutrition, Food Policy and History, undergraduate
  • Ecological Diasporas, graduate
  • History of American Reform Movements, undergraduate
  • The Modern World (20th c world history), undergraduate
  • Maine Island History and Historical Geography, undergraduate
  • Islands: History and Natural History, undergraduate
  • Caribbean Ecology, History and Navigation, undergraduate
  • Caribbean History and Geography, undergraduate
  • Historical Geography, undergraduate
  • American History Survey, undergraduate
  • History of Evolutionary Theory, undergraduate
  • Human Ecology Core Course, undergraduate
  • Technology and Society, undergraduate
  • Science and Society, undergraduate
  • Medicine and Culture, undergraduate
  • Textile Design, undergraduate