Abigail E. Abrash Walton, MSc

Teaching Faculty, Environmental Studies Department, and Director of the Center for Academic Innovation
Environmental Studies

Selected Publications

Conservation through Different Lenses: Reflection, Responsibility and the Politics of Participation in Conservation Advocacy,” Environmental Management, Springer New York, Volume 45, Issue 1, January 2010; Published online July 25, 2008.

Book Review: The Sustainable Learning Community: One University’s Journey to the Future, The Northeastern Geographer, New England-St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society volume 2, 2010.

Mining a Sacred Land,” Human Rights Dialogue: Environmental Rights, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, Spring 2004 ; Series 2, Number 11.

“Let Freedom Ring: Recharging and Consolidating ‘Inside the Beltway’ Activism,” chapter in Partial Truths and the Politics of Community, Volume 2 of edited volume, Feminist Approaches to Social Movements, Community, and Power, ed. Mary Ann Tetreault and Robin Teske, University of South Carolina Press, Columbia (2003).

Development Aggression: Observations on Human Rights Conditions in the PT Freeport Indonesia Contract of Work Areas,” Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, Washington, DC, July 2002

The Victims of Indonesia’s Pursuit of Progress, opinion piece, The New York Times, March 6, 2001.

Lessons Learned: Case Study regarding the Amungme, Kamoro and Freeport. Hearing on Extracting Natural Resources: Corporate Responsibility and the Rule of Law, Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law of the Senate Judiciary Committee. United States Senate. (2008).