Ecosystems Unit

Hulbert Outdoor Center’s Heather Trillium created this 4th grade unit as the environmental learning coordinator for the Rivendell Interstate School District. Below you’ll find the summary of the unit along with the essential and enduring understandings the students are expected to achieve through the unit. Attached is a copy of the unit.

Students will study two local ecosystems through direct observation of the relationships between the environment and organisms that live in a wetland and a deciduous forest. Students will work in teams to sample, record, and analyze information about the land, animals, plants and climate and their relationships.

Enduring Understandings:

1. Interdependence is the relationships between the environment and the organisms in a given place.
2. All ecosystems have living and nonliving components that relate to each other.

Essential Understandings:

1. What is interdependence?
2. How do systems help us explain something?
3. What is an ecosystem?
4. What types of ecosystems exist locally / globally?

How do the biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem affect each other?