What happened to the soul: An emergent view of the development of psychology

John Tyler Murray (1995)

This is a dissertation project investigating both the development and developmental conflicts of psychology. It provides an understanding of how the soul of psychology has been lost and how it may be found. It involves both an academic and personal search. The historical and philosophical traditions of psychology have been researched in a manner that leads toward the construction of a personal and broadly psychological understanding of conflicts within this field. This investigation is important because arrests in the development of psychology remain. Following a search and research of the personal and professional dimensions of this arrest, findings and reflections regarding historical and philosophical antecedents of the problem are presented. Within this frame an Epilogue was designed toward amelioration of the thesis that psychology has lost its soul and fails to meet needs which are philosophical and spiritual in nature. Considerations regarding the resuscitation of the soul and implications for the culture of psychology are considered.