Understanding the impact of job burnout for certified nurses aides: A psychological perspective

Brian M. Zuzelo (2006)

As our health care system prepares to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing cohort of older adults, existing problems within the system will need to be addressed to provide these individuals with the care they require. Direct care providers for our nation's elderly face a number of challenges in delivering services due to logistical, systemic, and training problems. The effects of these challenges can impact the quality of care for patients and the well-being of those providing services. Through qualitative research methods I have examined the psychological aspects of job burnout in Certified Nurses Aides (CNAs). This paper begins with an overview of the problem of job burnout within the occupational population and provides the rationale for investigating this problem. It is then followed by literature review that discusses population demographics, training issues, and an overview of the factors contributing to job burnout in CNAs. Directly after the literature review, the methodology chapter describes the tasks and processes involved in data collection through qualitative methods such as structured interviewing and job shadowing. Following the methodology chapter, the results of the research will be presented. Lastly, a discussion regarding findings will be offered along with suggestions for future work in this area.