The GenRes Leadership Tool: Assessing gender-responsible leadership in organizations

Nancy Horgan-Brightman (1998)

The aim of this dissertation has been to create a structured test (Wiggins, 1973) which measures how individuals rate themselves as gender responsible leaders as defined by Van Nostrand (1993). This has been done through the utilization of a construct or substantive approach to scale construction (Cronbach & Meehl, 1955; Wiggins), in which an overriding importance has been given to the postulated attributes of gender responsible leadership as well as to their reflection in test performance. Throughout the process of development, significance has been given to the importance of the theory as posited by Van Nostrand, the importance of scale homogeneity, the necessity of suppressing response style variance, and to the importance of fostering content, convergent and discriminant validity. Once the test items were developed, an expert panel was consulted in order to determine whether preliminary items would meet the initial validation requirements. Those items which remained included were then subjected to further validation by both a small sample and a sample of interest. Based on the statistical analyses of the results from that sample of interests response to the items, two of the four constructs showed acceptable levels of internal consistency. These two constructs will serve as the basis for the further development of this test.