Rural youth suicide prevention: An evaluation of a community-based intervention project

Dennis Keith Leisenring (1999)

This dissertation project has examined the impact of a school/community-based intervention regarding youth suicide in four rural counties in the State of Vermont. This was an evaluation of a consultation and training intervention in rural Vermont. The project examined the impact of a school/community-based intervention on suicide rates among rural youth. Suicide data, determined from Vermont Department of Health Vital Statistics, were used to compare mortality rates before and after the intervention. This analysis was compared with data from a control group of Vermont counties not receiving community-based interventions. The target counties in which there was a school/community-based intervention showed eight deaths in the six years prior to the intervention. Only two deaths occurred in the six years following the intervention. Both of those suicide deaths occurred in the first half of the first year of the intervention. Although this outcome was not statistically significant, it is expected to influence policy-makers in future deployment of prevention resources.