Rorschach indications of violent potential in male conduct-disordered adolescents

Robert Carnes Reilly (2002)

Psychopathy has been hypothesized as a construct reflecting the most severe and dangerous antisocial characteristics of delinquent adolescents and criminal adults and has been associated with chronic violence. Despite the primary importance of differentiating potentially dangerous individuals from those who are less likely to perpetrate violence, the accurate assessment of degree of psychopathy is extremely time-consuming and labor intensive and has not been a major focus in evaluation of conduct-disordered youth entering the juvenile justice system. In this study of conduct-disordered male adolescents, relationships between various Rorschach composite variables and violence were explored. Violence was best predicted by relatively low Schizophrenia Index values along with high Isolation Index scores. The use of the Rorschach in screening for psychopathy is proposed.