Learning psychotherapy through connection: A self-in-relation model of supervision

Laurie Ann Sanford (1998)

Self-in-Relation theory is an approach to understanding the psychological functioning of human beings, and to the practice of psychotherapy which was developed at the Stone Center of Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The theory is particularly dedicated to describing the psychology of women in current society. The present research attempted to address the question, "How would the Self-in-Relation model of human development and psychotherapy teach itself, given its beliefs and assumptions about learning growth and change processes within human beings?" This research has focused, therefore, on developing a model of psychotherapy supervision from the perspective of a Self-in-Relation practitioner. The study utilized Q-Sort methodology and technique to validate theory content. The final task of the current study was the formulation of a working model of psychotherapy supervision from the Self-in-Relation perspective.