Journeys toward hope and understanding: Short-term group therapy for female trauma survivors

Elaine F. Campbell (1999)

The impact of abuse and victimization on women's lives is devastating. Unfortunately, rather than seek to eradicate the societal injustices and inequities which contribute to the problem, too often we blame the victim. The field of psychology in particular is guilty of creating diagnostic categories, treatment modalities, and theoretical viewpoints which decontextualize and pathologize the lives of women trauma survivors. The purpose of this project is to offer an alternative, short-term, group treatment model that challenges some of the traditional prescriptive practices utilized with this population. This model combines Miller's (1994) Trauma-Reenactment model with ideas from Narrative therapy, offering a model based on collaboration, competence, and strength; thus, the author challenges these traditional practices and supports a move toward connection, hope and understanding.