Impact of attachment training on male adolescents' responses to infant simulator dolls

Linda Boothby Marsh (1999)

This program evaluation was completed to assess the impact of attachment parenting training on adjudicated male adolescents' responses to an infant simulator doll. In addition, the, researcher measured the participants' individual attachment classifications prior to engaging in the program to determine if the parenting, training ameliorated, some of the effects of attachment classifications on responses to the simulator dolls. Two randomly assigned groups were established, those who received training prior to experiencing the infant simulator doll (experimental group) and those who experienced the doll prior to the training (control group). A chi-square test was used to determine if there was a significant difference between parenting scores of the two groups and to explore the effects of the participants' attachment scores on their parenting behavior scores. A discriminate analysis was performed to determine if the overall attachment groups (high, medium, or low) predicted parenting groups. No significant results were found. A discussion of the findings and implications for future research are included.