False self manifestations of psychologists in training

Denise Olin-Hrbek (2004)

This dissertation project was designed to provide a theoretical framework for understanding the false self's manifestation in the training of psychologists. It was based on the assumption that an integrative understanding of professionals in training, and the conceptualization of the false self, further informs and enhances the ways in which training programs address the personal in graduate school. More specifically, this investigation demonstrated the intimate connection between training and the false self. It drew upon the work of other thinkers to provide definition and understanding of the professional socialization of psychologists as considered through the lens of the false self. In particular, this project was informed by the works of Winnicott, Bollas, and Lomas with regard to the conceptualization of false self, along with the works of Peterson and Singer with respect to the self and self-in-role regarding the developing psychologist. This exploration has particular implications for the trainee's migration through the rites of passage in the Professional Seminar, clinical supervision, and the dissertation project. This project concludes with specific recommendations for training programs which foster and endorses self development among trainees.