Effects of social cognitive skills training with angry, aggressive adolescent females

Mary Jane Cleare (2000)

This study introduced the Aggression Replacement Training (ART) program of Goldstein and Glick (1994) into a residential school for troubled adolescent girls in an attempt to determine whether or not maladaptive social behaviors could be influenced in a positive way by the ART training. Assessments were done six weeks prior to ART and three additional times, over four months, following ART. Measures were the External Scales from the Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist and Teacher Report Form and the Behavior Incident Report (BIR) designed by Goldstein and Glick. Results using the Achenbach scales suggested that ART had no effect on delinquent behavior, and little effect on aggressive behavior. Results using the BIR showed a significant increase in positive behaviors across the time of the study, but no significant decrease in negative behaviors. There was a significant interaction between age and negative behavior.