Developing and grounding a conceptual framework for learning in coastal management

Elin Charlotta Torell (2003)

This dissertation addresses the lack of theoretical clarity in Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) by demystifying one of its key principles: learning. The goal of the dissertation is two-fold: to develop a conceptual framework for learning in ICM based on pre-existing and well developed theoretical frameworks; and through a deductive approach to apply the learning framework to two case studies, the Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership (TCMP) and the Tanga Coastal Zone Conservation and Development Project. The conceptual framework for learning in ICM is qualitative and strives to explain the key factors and variables of learning in ICM. It recognizes that learning occurs through the ICM methods that are applied within the normal course of the coastal management process. The framework further specifies that learning in ICM has certain functions, characteristics, and outcomes. Applying the conceptual framework to the Tanga and TCMP showed that factors, such as uneven power structures hamper learning, while management environments that encourage analysis and deliberation may increase the opportunities for learning in ICM projects.