Cognitive behavioral couples therapy for PTSD: A book proposal

Susan P. Stevens (2004)

This dissertation is a proposal for a book on the newly developed Cognitive-Behavioral Couples Therapy (CBCT) for PTSD. As such it will follow exactly the format required by Jossey-Bass Publishers. The book proposal format includes responses to seven questions posed by the publisher, plus the inclusion of three sample chapters from the book. The content is derived from an extensive review of the literature pertaining to relationship factors and PTSD, theories and treatments of PTSD, and to the literature on the use of CBCT to treat other psychological problems. The proposed book seeks to remedy the neglect in the current literature on the connection between PTSD and intimate relationship problems. It expands the repertoire of treatments for PTSD by providing an introduction to a treatment that addresses PTSD in a couples context. Sample chapters from the book include the Introduction; Chapter II, which reviews the diagnostic features of PTSD and the existing research on PTSD and intimate relationship factors; and Chapter V, which introduces CBCT for PTSD, providing its theoretical rationale and an outline of the fifteen treatment sessions.