Broader Horizons: A culture-centered treatment program for African American adolescent males

Debra D. Maddox-Anderson (2004)

African American males are at risk for a multitude of personal and social problems. The goal of this dissertation is to create a program design that seeks to mitigate the risk factors associated with African American adolescent males. This dissertation introduces issues that affect African American male adolescents, and gives a brief overview of a program design to address specific areas of risk. These areas of risk include: (a) problems within the educational setting, (b) legal difficulties, (c) substance abuse, (d) violence, (e) out-of-home placement, and (f) complicated family functioning. The literature review highlights areas of risk and discusses the constructs of culture, identity, racism, and self-concept. Healthy personality development is explored and mental health issues are reviewed, with emphasis placed on assessment, treatment, and cultural considerations in treatment. The role of mentors and mentoring are discussed and the concept of Rites of Passage explored as an integral role in helping African American adolescent males transform negative behaviors into constructive patterns for growth and functioning. The methods section introduces the Broader Horizons Program as a program to aid in the transformation of African American adolescent males from individuals who are at risk into individuals who are interpersonally, culturally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually connected. The evaluation section discusses the instruments used to evaluate the program and the various program components.