A self-report measure of adolescent attachment

Kristine Paulus Wojnovich (2001)

A study to modify a measure for adult romantic attachment, the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale (ECR-Scale; Brennan, Clark, & Shaver, 1998), for use with adolescents will be presented in this paper. The field of attachment will be reviewed with specific attention to attachment patterns in adolescence and the history of the measurement of attachment style. The method used to modify the ECR-Scale for use with adolescents will then be discussed including item development, the validation procedures, and the reliability procedures. It was found that this new instrument for measuring adolescent attachment to peers requires more research and development before it can be validly used with an adolescent population for research, clinical, or forensic purposes. The two factors found in this new scale accounted for only 29.11% of the total variance. The validity of this measure was also to be established by demonstrating that each subject's internal working models of self and other were theoretically consistent with their assigned attachment category; significant differences between each attachment style group's internal working models of self and other were not found as expected. In addition, the number of individuals theoretically predicted to be placed in each of the four attachment style categories did not match the number of individuals actually assigned to each attachment group in this study.