A consultation to a city housing authority: Assessment and intervention

Janine E. Swanson (2004)

A consultation to a housing authority (HA) in a small city is described. The consultation to the HA was an outgrowth of the recommendations made by The Antioch Project for the Study and Prevention of Violence, in response to a community crisis arising from a violent crime in 1999 in said city. The Antioch Project approached community leaders of the small city and collaborated with them to develop the Safety, Respect, and Violence Community Survey . The data from the survey indicated that many of the risk factors for being involved with violence were highly correlated with characteristics of the population served by the HA. Therefore, this consultation was designed as a follow-up step in primary prevention of violence in the city. This consultation provided the HA with a needs assessment and interventions aimed at helping the HA to improve the services that they provide to their residents, thus helping to prevent future violence. The consultation facilitated growth and development at the HA by helping the staff become more effective in their roles as advocates and supports for the residents. This consultation project represents an effective model for assessment and intervention within a human service organization. The historical context for this consultation is reviewed which is then followed by a literature review of relevant violence and consultation literature. The methodology chapter describes the tasks and processes of the consultation. The results chapter details the success of the interventions and the overall evaluation of the consultation. Lastly, in the discussion chapter the major findings are reviewed, limitations of the project are presented, and future work in this area is suggested.