Student Involvement

Student involvement, training, and development

CROPP Students

The training of Antioch’s clinical psychology PsyD students remains at the center of BHI’s mission. Students, working under the supervision of Dr. Fauth, help conduct all BHI projects. BHI represents a unique opportunity for student skill development and personal growth. Students who are involved in BHI often:

  • Gain invaluable experience while embodying the local clinical-scientist ideal
  • Enhance their attractiveness to prospective internship sites and employers with rare but in-demand applied research skills
  • Secure assistantships and/or supervised independent study projects
  • Develop professional publications, presentations, and dissertation projects

To our knowledge BHI is the only research center of its kind within the context of a doctoral training program.

Book club & convening

BHI students have the opportunity to partake in monthly book club and convening, in which students and professors come together to discuss selected readings that have implications for current BHI research. This is followed by a convening where any member of BHI can set an agenda of their choosing and then use the time to consult with others on the particular topic or issue.

Student research consultation

BHI offers informal methodological and statistical consultation to Antioch University New England students and faculty conducting applied research projects. Stephanie Towns currently fills this position.

Current Student Collaborators

Katherine Evarts, BA  PsyD student in Clinical Psychology
Katherine Evarts, BA PsyD student in Clinical PsychologyKatherine received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and art history at New College of Florida. Prior to attending Antioch, Katherine interned at a clinic that used Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with underserved children in New Hampshire. Antioch’s PsyD program has offered a number of fantastic opportunities, including working with BHI. Katherine started working with BHI in 2013 and is currently working on a variety of projects including those related to the Healthy Monadnock initiative, dissertation support, and the Psychological Services Center.

John Erdmann, BA  PsyD student in Clinical Psychology
John Erdmann, BA PsyD student in Clinical PsychologyJohn received his Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from Binghamton University. Since joining BHI, John has assisted in an array of community health related initiatives, including Healthy Monadnock 2020, Monadnock United Way, and System of Care. He is currently involved in various data management and technology based tasks for these initiatives, combining his love for Psychology and Computer Science.

Sarah Pearson, BA Second Year Clinical Psychology Student
Sarah Pearson, BA, Second Year Clinical Psychology StudentSarah received her B.A. in Psychology from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. She is currently a clinical psychology doctoral student and has been working with BHI since her first semester at Antioch in the fall of 2014. She has been involved in several BHI projects including System of Care at both the systems and youth/family level. Her clinical and research interests include health psychology, persistent mental illness, and child and family intervention.

Kimberly Sollows, BA Second Year Clinical Psychology Student
Kimberly Sollows, BA, Second Year Clinical Psychology StudentKimberly received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Keene State College. Prior to enrolling at Antioch University, Kimberly worked on an inpatient detox unit for individuals with co-occuring disorders. Since joining BHI, Kimberly has supported projects that provide data services for various psychological intervention programs in the area. In addition to data management and visualization, Kimberly is also interested in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurocognitive disorders. Her clinical interests include geriatric psychology and working with veterans and their families.

Mackenzie Soniak, BA Second Year Clinical Psychology Student
Mackenzie Soniak, BA, Second Year Clinical Psychology StudentMackenzie received her B.A. in Psychology from Boston College. Before starting at Antioch University New England she worked as a residential case manager for young men with TBIs. She has also been working for about 3 years at a residential treatment facility for adolescent boys with behavioral and emotional difficulties. She has worked with BHI since Fall 2014, and has worked mainly on youth and family focused projects such as the implementation of NH System of Care. Her research and clinical interest include youth and family perspectives, adolescent development, and persistent mental illness.