BHI Alumni

Jacob Austin
Prior to attending AUNE, Jacob worked for three years as a high school teacher in the Mississippi Delta through a program called Teach for America, while earning his MEd from Delta State University in Cleveland Mississippi. Jacob chose to attend AUNE because of its focus on social justice. He is particularly interested in rural mental health care and in addressing the mental health needs of underserved populations. Jacob’s clinical interests have taken him in the direction of health psychology, particularly in the realm of integrated primary care, the venue by which most rural mental health needs are first addressed.  Through his work with BHI, Jacob has developed his dissertation, which involves a qualitative exploration of how primary care physicians in rural and underserved clinics experience integrated primary care. J

Benjamin Carozza
Ben received his BA in Psychology from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, in 2010. Following graduation, Ben spent two years working as a Clinical Case Manager at a community mental health center in central New Hampshire. He began the PsyD program in the Fall of 2012 and joined BHI in the Fall of 2013. Among other projects, Ben has provided support on data tracking analysis for the Healthy Monadnock 2020 project and has provided consultation on client satisfaction measures to a local mental health clinic. He is currently in his second-year practicum at Antioch’s Psychological Services Center in which he provides individual therapy and psychological assessment to the community. Ben hopes to work with a child and adolescent population in the future, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorders or mood and anxiety related difficulties.

Emily Graesser
Emily received her BS in Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Emily has been involved with BHI since 2007 and is currently working on the Integrated Care Evaluation project team. She has also worked on the Monadnock Family Services Collaborative Clinical Care Project. Emily’s clinical and research interests include: program evaluation, health psychology, advocacy, severe and persistent mental illness, and developmental disabilities

Joanne R. Grassia
After graduating with a BA in Psychology, Joanne worked for several years in the US and Europe in organizational training and development. She taught in a European university psychology training program, completed an MA in Counseling Psychology, further psychotherapeutic training, and an MSc in Systemic Organization and Management. For several years, Joanne had a private therapy practice in a health care center in Ireland, was a member of a multidisciplinary teaching staff in a university medical program, and was the organizational consultant for the national primary care training institution. Upon returning to the US, Joanne began a PhD program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch NE and became a part of the research team for Integrated Primary Care in NH. Joanne is interested in systemic practice in health care organizations, integrated professional health care training, and health care professionals’ well-being at work.

Ted Green
Ted received a BS in Music and Sports Studies  from Guilford College in Greensboro and his MS at Antioch University New England. Due to his exceptional efforts and long standing commitment, the university has recently interviewed Ted about his involvement in BHI.

BHI has ten students and one project coordinator working on projects. For Ted Green, a fourth-year PsyD student, BHI was a strong incentive to apply to AUNE. I was interested in health psychology research, and Jim Fauth was doing an integrated-care evaluation, so I was really impressed with what they were doing.

Green began working with BHI soon after he arrived at AUNE. His main project has been Healthy Monadnock (formerly Vision 2020), an initiative by Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene to engage local citizens in becoming the nation’s healthiest community by the year 2020. It’s cool because it’s something that psychologists don’t usually get involved in, Green said. BHI’s job is to measure and quantify the community’s response to Healthy Monadnock. Green took the lead in conducting a follow-up community readiness assessment. This involved learning a readiness assessment tool, and then, in turn, training, supervising, and coaching a group of students at Keene State (with whom BHI had never worked before) to contact and conduct semi-structured interviews with community leaders and reach consensus on quantitative ratings. Ted subsequently presented the findings to key program stakeholders and then developed a written report. Our community partners were so happy with his work that they just asked him to co-present the community readiness findings with them at the Association for Community Health Improvement conference in Orlando, Florida, this coming March. Green has acquired career-building skills from his BHI experience. I had no background in research at all, he said. I learned hands-on research and data analysis if I had just taken classes, I wouldn’t have gotten that. I also learned how to build relationships with stakeholders and about working in a professional manner while in school.

Craig Kramer
Craig received his BA in Psychology from Hunter College and his MA in Psychology from Adelphi University. Craig’s clinical and research interests are focused on the effects childhood trauma has on future development; he is also interested in providing psychoeducational programs to trauma victims and their families. Craig has been involved with BHI since October, 2009, and has worked on numerous projects with professors and fellow students.

Allyssa Lanza
Allyssa received her BA in Psychology and Justice Studies from the University of New Hampshire. Since coming to Antioch, Allyssa has enjoyed the close knit community the University offers. She has been involved in BHI since January 2010, primarily working on data maintenance and organizing charettes for community programs.

Alice Lim
Alice Lim is a Paul D. Coverdell fellow and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala prior to her enrollment. She received her BA in Psychology from Wellesley College and is interested in further pursuing the field and its capacity to serve underserved, multicultural populations.

Jennifer Moniz
Jen received her BA in psychology and family and child studies from Montclair State University in New Jersey. She is also certified in child advocacy from the same institution. Jen is currently a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program. She has been involved with BHI since her first year in 2013 and has worked on various projects including Monadnock United Way and System of Care. Jen’s clinical and research interests include: child psychology, advocacy, program evaluation, and severe and persistent mental illness.

Courtney Rice
Courtney received her BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and is currently working toward her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Antioch NE. Courtney joined BHI in the fall of 2009, with a particular interest in program evaluation and the improvement of mental health services to underserved and at-risk populations. Courtney is currently assisting on the NAMI Suicide Prevention/Postvention Evaluation, where she is helping assess training fidelity, as well as community readiness. Courtney is excited about the hands-on, collaborative learning opportunities offered through BHI, as well as in the PsyD program.

Rachael Roberts
Rachael received her BA in Sociology from Keene State College, and her MSW from Boston University. Rachael’s research interests include LGBT youth in residential and inpatient settings, as well as pediatric neuropsychology. Rachael has worked with BHI since September 2013, and has worked mainly on projects dealing with early childhood readiness, systems of care, and knowledge transfer.

Stephanie Towns
Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Miami University of Ohio. After graduating she worked clinically until she returned to earn her Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology at Loyola University in Maryland. While at Loyola Stephanie found that she had an interest in assessment and decided to pursue her PsyD at Antioch. She became involved with BHI in the fall of her first year as a student advisor to students working on their dissertations, particularly in the area of research methodology and data management. In the past year Stephanie has begun to work on other projects with BHI and have enjoyed the opportunity to expand her role.