Waivers and Transfer Credit

The program is full time regardless of waivers. Except for transfer students, there is no advanced standing, and the program cannot be shortened nor the tuition reduced.

Individual required courses may be waived: (a) if a student submits evidence of having successfully passed an equivalent graduate level course in area. Equivalent is defined as one that shares at least 75 percent of the current content and readings with an Antioch University New England Department of Clinical Psychology course; or (b) by passing an examination (written and/or oral) administered by department faculty. No transfer credits or advanced standing are awarded by the Doctoral Program for master’s level work, only waivers. Neither waivers nor transfer credits are awarded for practica, case conferences, or advanced electives.

All doctoral students must maintain a full-time load. Students who waive a course must take another in its place. Typically, students who waive courses take the next requirement available in that time slot. Students who have completed elements of the curriculum early use that time to make additional progress on their dissertations. Waivers are only evaluated for matriculated students.

Transfer admission with advanced standing is possible on a space available basis by permission only to those students who are in good standing in another APA accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology. Advanced standing means that it is possible for students to have less than four years of coursework. Since the majority of our courses are offered on Mondays, the practical possibility of transfer students graduating with less than four years of coursework depends on a particular applicant’s previous coursework and how the remaining requirements fit into the times Antioch University New England’s courses are offered. A separate admissions process for transfer applicants must be completed followed by an interview to gain transfer admission, and this may occur at other times of the year than the general admission process. This process is described in the Clinical Psychology Handbook and is available on request. Students interested in transferring should contact the Director of Student Affairs for further information and for permission to apply.