PsyD Student Life at Antioch University New England

While our philosophy and faculty at Antioch University New England contribute to a lively and challenging education, it is the students who give the program its vitality, creating the inherent depth and excitement of the graduate school experience. Students in their first year here spend two intellectually challenging days a week together, during which time they construct collegial bonds that for many last a lifetime.

Many PsyD students spend their Monday evenings in small social and/or work groups, providing each other with much-needed support for the transition into graduate school. The Core Faculty are also readily available to these students throughout the week for office hours. An important element of the Antioch University New England experience is the sharing of the very different experiences that students have over the week on practica, in work, and in daily life in diverse local communities around New England. Over the years of school, students often find that the collaborative relationships, formed with student colleagues both in small group learning experiences and in carpools, become key elements of their educational and developmental experiences.